Keith Anderson

jobs@keeto.net • 541/515-3689 • Eugene, OR

I am looking to continue my adventure of constantly learning and finding new challenges to conquer using as many computer technology tools as I can. As someone who finds great satisfaction in solving problems, I've found that this industry is a never ending source of joy. I have been writing software for fun and as a profession my whole life and am constantly pushing myself to learn new languages, platforms and design patterns.

Computer Stores NorthWest, Inc • Tualatin, OR • March 2003 - February 2018

Senior Software Architect & Director of IT

Computer Stores Northwest (CSNW) is the parent company for three distinct divisions, each providing a unique set of problems to solve:

  • The Mac Store - Independent Apple Premiere Partner retail chain spanning 10 stores across the Pacific Northwest.
  • PowerMax - Mail order and eCommerce sales focused on new and used Apple computers and accessories.
  • Bodelin - Manufacturer of tele-prompting mounts (ProPrompter) and digital microscope devices (ProScope).

Ranging from full stack web applications to support disperse retail operations, extensive API integrations (REST, SOAP, XML-RPC) for eCommerce and mail order systems, to mobile iOS development in support of Bodelin manufactured goods I was able to adapt to an ever changing landscape of technologies and business needs.

ProPrompter Studio

Published by Bodelin

Initially submitted to the app store in 2008, this was the first tele-prompting application that allowed movie length scripts to be smoothly animated at any speed on a mobile device. Script data is synced with a custom web stack using REST. Peer to Peer remote control allows one producer to direct up to three presenting devices. Allows video recording.

Core Animation, Multipeer Connectivity, NSURL, REST, AVFoundation.

ProScope QC

Published by Bodelin

Companion application for the ProScope Micro Mobile microscope attachment for iPhone. Fully accelerated video compositing using Core Image and AVFoundation to overlay true scale measurement. Video and photo capture to Photo library at maximum supported resolutions.

AV Foundation, Core Image, Asset Library, AV Movie Capture, Grand Central Dispatch.

Skynet POS

Enterprise App by The Mac Store

Internally published application designed to allow rapid checkout at retail locations. Integrated with internal Skynet ERP system via custom XML API. Integrated with credit card swipe iPod touch attachment and barcode scanner. Search and lookup of full product catalog.

Linea Pro swipe/scanner integration, signature capture, XML integration, HTTPS authentication.

Keep It Simple Sales

Never Published

While never completed and released for sale, development proceeded well past the initial idea and design phase. Leveraged multiple views of model data and built on Core Data. Intended to streamline focus and organically expose sales leads. Project was scrapped due to other higher priority projects causing lost first-to-market opportunity.

Core Animation, Core Data.

  • Over twenty years experience managing Linux systems including DNS (Bind), Web (Apache), Email (Sendmail and Exim), Directory Services (LDAP and Active Directory), SSH and Database management (MySQL and PostgreSQL).
  • Experience managing virtual systems including Linux Kernel Virtual Machine and Amazon Web Services.
  • Strong project management skills and logistics. Coordinated in-house development efforts with contractors in multiple time zones using planning tools like Jira, Redmine, Slack and Trello.
  • Fast learner that focuses on understanding problems and systems prior to implementation.
  • Experience building mobile applications on iOS using Objective C. Focus on leveraging Apple developed frameworks for maximum user satisfaction and performance.
  • Strong UX design skills that enable approachable, expressive interfaces that are easy to learn with a rich feature set.
  • Over twenty years experience building web based client server applications, ranging from back end systems (Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL) to front end interface design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, XML, jQuery).